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After a glorious experience of 25 years dedicated to the service of student community, our team has taken a pledge to help students and educated nurses achieve their goal of becoming registered nurses in a country like Canada. We have produced thousands of doctors and engineers and now it is the turn of registered nurses. With our guidance and support Indian educated nurses can look forward to have an increasely rewarding career with full security and generous benefits in extra-ordinary health care system of Canada. At the same time, our team is compassionate about the patients' care in India as well. Hence, our inspiration is for Indian nurses to do better and give their maximum possible support and care for all groups of Indian patients and also International patients.

Pursue your dream of becoming a Registered Nurse in Canada. Discover opportunities around the world for the most demanding career in Nursing in Canada.

We, a group of educationists, counselors and motivators for students from every segment of society have been helping the young professionals not only to dream of a flourishing career but also for a good quality of life and help realize them. At the same time, we inspire and motivate each individual to work with his/her maximum potential to explore the best opportunities both in India and abroad. For student and educated nurses career a nursing in Canada is another step in our mission to serve the student community and working professionals.

We guide and inspire the candidates holding GNM and B.Sc (Nursing) degrees in India for a very lucrative, demanding and respectful career in health care system in Canada. Internationally – Educated Nurses (IENs) from around the world who are interested in becoming a Registered Nurse (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) in Canada should be mentally prepared to go through a process required by the Canadian Nursing Council.

Not a Difficult Job!

The transition from IEN to LPN/RPN or RN is not very difficult but needs a mind-set to meet certain challenges. Remember, if you can not face challenges, you can not reach peak of your career. But do not worry. Just follow the system and rules of Canadian education. And be sure about the final destination of your rewarding, stable, secured, respectful and excellent with huge generous benefits of career in nursing in one of best health care system of the world, that is, Canada.

You know what!

You require skills to meet Canadian standards and language proficiency in preparation of achieving your nursing license.

(i) The command on Medical Terminology and Communication 
(ii) Test preparation of CELBAN

NCLEX –RN: National council licensure Examination
CPNRE: Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination
CEBAN: Canadian English Language Benchmark Assessment for Nurse.
are the most important things to become a RN.
Hence, it becomes important which college you choose to go to or you are eligible for.
Here, your knowledge about various colleges is incredibly significant.

Why Canada?

• One of the safest and most student-friendly countries. 
• High quality and standards of living-Canadian cities are rated among the best cities of world to live.
• Stable and diverse economy offers plethora of employment options.
• 20 hrs part-time job possible during studies.
• Post-study work permit from 1-3 years
• High possibility of getting Permanent Residency after your studies or after 3 yrs- 4yrs. 
• Courses are taught by faculty with significant expertise in their field of health care system.
• More emphasis on providing student with access to hand-on learning experience via NC’s. State-of-art lab facilities as well as field placement and practicum.
• Students have the option to enjoy a unique inter-professional educational experience that focuses on integrating several health care professionals in to a single one to provide the best possible patient care. 



1. Omni college – Vancouver, British Columbia

2. Seneca College, Toronto, Ontario

3. Humber college, Toronto, Ontario

4. Centennial college, Toronto, Ontario

5. Fanshawe College London, Ontario

6. Conestoga college, Kitchener, Ontario

7. Niagara college Welland, Ontario

Special Courses

As an International student, you will explore advanced health care training options / courses such as

• Palliative care
• Coronary 
• Gerontology 
• Critical Care 
• Chronic Disease Management 
• Acute Complex Care
• Community and Mental Health
• Medication Administration
• Enhanced Nursing Practice

Nursing in Canada (LPN / RPN and RN)

Is available in

• Ontario 
• Manitoba 
• New Brunswick 
• Yukon 
• Saskatchewan
• Prince Edward Island
• Alberta 
• Quebac
• Nova Scotia
• British Columbia 
• Nunavut 
• Newfound land and Labrador

Best Canadian Nursing Schools - 2021

• University of Toronto
• University of Alberta 
• Mc Master University 
• University of British Colombia 
• University of Calgary
• Dalhousie University 
• University of Ottawa
• Queen’s University
• Western University
• University of Victoria
• University of Montreal 
• Memorial University 
• University of Saskatchewan
• University of New Brunswick 
• University of Manitoba 
• St. Francis Xavier University
• Lethbridge University 
• York University
• Laurentian University  



According to Conference Board of Canada, there is a facts that nursing offers a more varied and flexible career than many people realise.

Nurses care for the people in variety of ways and settings from providing front-line care in most of Canada’s largest hospitals to driving strategic out reach and education through community and public health nursing, not to mention roles in research, policy-making and teaching.

According to Federal Job Bank Data earning per hour is as under.

• Health care assistant: C$17 to C$23
• LPN / RPN : C$25 to C$32 
• RN : C$ 35 to C$55
• Registered Psychiatric Nurse: C$86 

There is a great need for nurses today in Canada. It will double from 64,000 to 142,000 over next 10 years as the Canadian population ages hence, the job security is excellent, most respectful and has generous benefits.

What do we do for you?

1.  Proper guidance about the program in nursing based on your qualification and experience.
2.  Complete information on the benefits of the program.
3.  Study visa at initial stage and then extension as per the status of completion of the program.
4.  Part-time job during study.
5.  preparation of the exam CPNRE, NCLEX-RN, OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination), CAT (Computer Adaptive Test), CBT (Computer Based Test)
6.  Information about NNAS (National Nursing Assessment Service)
7.  CNO (College Nursing of Ontario)
8.  GIC account 
9.  Visa and immigration related facts
10.  Any other assistance as per the circumstance. 
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Best wishes 
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